This website is best viewed on a monitor with high screen resolution settings, at least 1280x1024. Lower resolution will result in overlapping controls and general poor user experience. To change the screen resolution, go to Start/Control Panel/Display/Adjust Resolution/ and change to the maximum resolution that your computer supports.

Map navigation

Zoom in/out, pan, and full extent are available from the button hub found in the upper left corner or through the mouse scroll.

Main toolbar - Base maps

This menu shows background imagery for various years. You can control the selected image opacity through the slider.

Main toolbar - Layers

Toggle the layers of interest from this menu. As you zoom in, more details and labels will become available.

Main toolbar - Tools

Identify, Buffer, Draw, and Measure have also shortcut icons found on the right side of the screen - see details in Search/Tools buttons.

Main toolbar - Print

Export the map to a pdf file. Checking the box option 'Preserve the scale' will keep the map scale but change the map extent, depending on the selected print template. Conversely, leaving the box unchecked will preserve the map extent but change the map scale.

Search by address or PIN

Select from either address or PIN (parcel identification number) obove the search blank.

When the result is displayed in the grid, click on it to see more information and tax-related details.

See details in Search/Tools buttons.

Search/Tools buttons - Identify

This tool allows you to search parcels by shape - point, polyline or polygon. View Property, Assessment, Tax, and Exemption details from the appropriate tabs. Export to pdf by clicking on the small red Adobe icon.

Note: this tab displays detailed information for a single selected parcel. Clear the results for single search from the 'Clear' button on the Identify tab.

Close the tab by clicking on its icon (white letter 'i' on blue background).

Search/Tools buttons - Results

This tool shows quick results for parcels selected by any other shape than point. Click on any parcel to see more detailed information in the Identify tab. To clear the results on this pane, click the 'Clear' button.

Close the tab by clicking on its icon (white grid).

Search/Tools buttons - Buffer

This tool helps you select the surrounding parcels found within the specified buffer distance if you have selected one or more parcels.

Close the tab by clicking on its icon (red target).

Search/Tools buttons - Draw

Draw a shape add a custom text in the chosen size, style, and color. The shapes and text will be preserved in the exported pdf.

Close the tab by clicking on its icon (white pencil).

Search/Tools buttons - Measure

Draw a shape to see length and area measurements in various units. Only the total lengths will be shown. If you are interested in seeing segment lengths, draw a single line along the parcel side.

Close the tab by clicking on its icon (yellow triangle drawing tool).